I was invited to make drawing in the house hallway.

Customers are supported my idea to tnclude in picture different elements from the usual nineteen century houses in Odessa. So there in wall decoration you can see open wrought-iron gates, grapes, rusticated walls, stained glass window. In Odessa courtyards a lot of cats, and two cats also have place in the painting. These are  portraits of pets living in a house. Also in the painting there is a nest with chicks swallows, small rat. And beloved by locals yellow Pontian limestone, old Odessa basic stone, took part in the painting.

In an arched opening above the door there is a capital letter “D” – family name first letter. The painting has 3d effect – it breaks real interior corners, objects and animals look like real. This work made by acrylic paints. Also the radiators were painted by special acrylic paints. The total painting area of ​​painting is about 12 square meters.