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Dear visitor! I offer you distinctive and unique solutions for your interior.

When you order from an individual artist, you get a quality lasting work of art, which is custom made just for you. I personally work on each order college research paper online project all the way from idea to implementation. My aim is to create an atmosphere of magic, emotional warmth and original identity.

My propositions

  •  wall art decor
  •  artistic wall and ceiling painting
  • exterior art painting  
  • plaster decor panels     
  • wall bas-reliefs   
  • furniture painting    
  • fluorescent glowing painting


Wall Art Painting

Wall art painting is a wise choice for creating a unique interior. Handmade work, an abundance of plots, selection of your favourite colours, the possibility to include into the painting places or things that are memorable for you are among the advantages of art painting. All of this makes it possible to create a very personal and cozy space of private interior.

Plaster Reliefs

An eye-catching relief plays with soaring shapes and the lights and darks of plasterwork. A relief can be both a decorative and functional element, for example, it can serve as a wall-mounted light.

The difference between the wall décor styles is sometimes quite tentative. One and the same term can often stand for several entirely different techniques.

3d effect wall painting

 For example, 3D walls will easily make the interior unusual by breaking side surfaces with visual imagery. However, the concept of “3D walls” may include 3D paintings of animals or plants that jump out from the frames.

3D paintings can also depict urban landscape or a still life that visually goes beyond the 3D painting. It may also be a 3D panel, the modular plaster wall tiles creating a monotonous relief decoration, as large as you like. Textured walls and decorative stucco make the ceiling and walls dimensional. Also, the term includes a false painting, which gives a feeling of extra space through realistically depicted objects. Drawings on the walls depicting a fall into another room or into parallel worlds may also be called a 3D wall. A decorative modeling on the wall also creates a 3D effect.

A single work may include various techniques such as screen printing or handmade patterns on the walls, volume plaster paintings and murals. Decorative plaster can be a good background for a relief or painting.


The term of mural has come to mean artificially aged painting or large interior wall painting. A aged mural is usually troweled and covered with craquelure, a network of small cracks. Also, a mural can be printed on paper or art textile, which is applied to the wall like wallpaper.

Lately people became to call by this word a huge exterior painting – Street Art murals.

Fluorescent glowing painting

A glowing painting on the wall is a zest of the interior design. A fairy-tale UV painting may depict different stories in natural light and ultraviolet. The patterns made with fluorescent paint accumulate light during the day and give it back in the dark. UV paints are visible only when ultraviolet lamps are used. With these paints, you can get completely different images depending on the time of day and lighting. The texture on the walls combined with luminous materials is a harmony of painting and relief that allows you to create surreal landscapes.

Today’s luminescent and fluorescent paints are safe for humans and the environment. Ultraviolet lamps for the interior lighting are also safe for humans and they fill the body’s need for the ultraviolet in the winter. Patterns on the walls in the UV light create a fanciful effect. How to make the painting different in natural light and at night? We should think over the lighting, apply paints carefully in the right places, and take into account the density of the paint and the background colour.

Without doubt, any artwork is always an experiment with materials and techniques, which is limited only by the artist’s imagination and the customer’s budget. May our experiments be successful!