Olga Volgshtein

Born in 1987

Muralist, Sculptor, Interior decorator, Fine art expert

Artist Interior Decorator

  • Developing artistic or design concepts for interior decoration
  • Sketching, modeling and technical illustration for artworks
  • Collaborating with architects, designers and workers to prepare or perform artistic production
  • Customer service: solutions proposition and project presentation to clients for approval
  • I do an artwork project creation on the construction site



Professional skills:

Freehand drawing. Experienced in various techniques and materials.

Work experience in interior design and polygraph design, pedagogical experience in art school.

Skills in sculpture, body art, technical drawing with Auto CAD, vitrage and wall painting, photo editing.

About me and my work

Where and how I work

I strive to create deeply emotional and inspiring art. I work in different cities and countries, drawing and making plaster molding on walls or objects.

I make custom sketches up to customers’ requests and considering characteristics of the interior.


What materials I use for my works

For reliefs, I use different types of gypsum plaster, a variety of instruments and materials, which are typically used for the interior finishing. I devoted a lot of effort, having spent several years, to developing my own bas-relief style and choosing the right materials for different occasions. Each of my art objects challenges me to create a new authentic and durable work.

For my art painting, I use acrylic, oil and solvent-based paints, finishing lacquers and waxes.

I use brush, palette knife, spatula, aerograph, fabrics, sponge and often hands as they are the best instrument for the authentic handcraft.


What makes up the cost of my work

The cost of my work may vary to a great extent and depends on a wide range of factors:

– degree of detail of the proposed mural or relief

– type of technique and materials

– object size (it is easier to work with big surfaces which are not divided by doors or windows)

– delivery time (tight or flexible deadline)

– additional expenses, if I need to travel to another city to perform the work


To give an estimate for my work I need the following information from you:

– please, describe the idea you would like to see on your walls if the design idea already exists

– in what city or town is the object located?

– what are the dimensions of the surface for work (m2)

– what is the room designed for (bedroom, living-room, bathroom)

– when would you like to start the work and what is the estimated deadline

– please, email me the photos of the room intended for work or its plan if there is one. Also send me photos of work you like entirely or partially or the ones that just inspired the mural/bas-relief



When you order an art object from me, you get an original piece of work but not the copyright for it. I keep the right to use the photos of the work created for you. I would appreciate your consent to make a photo in the finished interior after renovation.

Whether you quote the materials of this site or publish photos of my works online, an active hyperlink to www.volgshtein.com is required.