Wall painting is a mask for the door and furnace channel exit for heating the hall. The door hidden by mural is using not very often.

The purpose for this painting was not only decorate the interior, but also to mask some of the communication and the door. The painting was done in oil colors. The secret door behind a painting or Mirror – is a frequent reception for the interior, we well know it from Europe Middle Ages. It is good idea to hide the door – to make small intrigue in your house. How to make a secret door:

– You can make a sliding door, moving on guides in the special niche inside the wall.

– You can make the door which turns around the central axis.

– You can make an ordinary door, but as much as possible to adopt it to the ambient. How to hide the door? It is better to make the plastic door, because it is “not play” from humidity and temperature fluctuations. This is especially important for doors between heating and non-heating rooms (garage, basement).